Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Illuminate and Make You Stairs the Focal Point Using These Lighting Ideas 

You do not like your dark staircase? Are looking for some lighting fixtures to brighten up your stairs so that you and your family can use the area safely? How about illuminating your staircase while making them the focal point? You can find many light fixtures that brighten your stairs and add a different feel to it.

You can browse through Sofary to check out different light fixtures you can use for your staircase. Sofary believes that the staircase is not just a passing space. It is the first place to greet you and your guest. The good news is you can also check out some stairwell chandelier ideas on the blog section of Sofary.

If you are looking for some ideas to make your dark stairwell bright and elegant, then here are some ideas for you.

Stairs lighting ideas

It needs a lot of consideration when you think about using light fixtures at the staircase. The stairs are more like a tiny place in the house that requires good lighting. It implies you cannot go for many lighting options because it won’t work in this space. Still, the stairway can become a beautiful focal feature in your house.

Do you know lights in a house do not just serve the practical function, but they can also help you create a focal point at a place of your choice? Lights can easily add stunning focal points and design features to a space. However, focus on a few things to create a focal point for your stairway. You have to start with lighting up your hallway.

A brightly lit hallway leading to an elegantly lit stairway can make your guest halt for a second to enjoy the ambiance. On the other hand, you can go with fancy wall lights. You can also dabble with different lighting ideas –

  • Fit-in stair lights
  • Oversize pendant
  • Layers of light
  • Wall sconce on the landing
  • Underneath stair lights
  • Using fairy lights to the way
  • Atmospheric lights to guide your guest upstairs
  • Using low level recessed wall lights
  • Using dramatic light installation
  • Installing industrial feature light on a small landing
  • Finishing off with a chandelier upstairs

You can also line up lights in the corridor to impact the stairs. Finishing off with a chandelier will add a wow factor to your stair lights.

Chandeliers for staircase

Chandeliers are a fascinating and fun light source for your stairs, but, it is a tricky task to select the right chandelier for the stairs. A great variety of styles are available for you to choose from and go perfectly with any vibe. When you think about a chandelier, the first image you have is of a magnificent lighting fixture in castles and mansions.

However, the chandeliers have much more to them. Countless styles are there, and the number is increasing with different themes. Not every chandelier is glamour and glitz. Some of them come in farmhouse styles. 

These days, you can get modern chandeliers, a blend of modern and farmhouse style, industrial and bohemian chandeliers for stairwells in the market. However, the classic chandeliers are still charming and elegant. You can also find vintage chandelier designs that go perfectly with the staircase.

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