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Why Choose A Veranda For Your Home?

A veranda is a structure added to your home’s front, sides, or rear. It can be used to shelter you or to trap sunlight.

Different Types And Styles Of Verandas

They are customised to suit owners’ needs, so it is rare to find verandas identical. There are two types:

Victorian Veranda – these verandas are wrought steel and have a glass patio roof.

 Contemporary Veranda – these verandas designed for more modern properties have a sleek, durable aluminium structure and can be fitted with either glass roofing panels or polycarbonate roof panels.

What Is The Function Of A Veranda?

Verandas serve many functions, depending on the purpose and location. However, the primary purpose of verandas is to offer an outdoor shelter where you can enjoy your outdoor spaces regardless of the weather. A veranda can enhance the aesthetics of your house. Open Space Concepts can help you choose the best design that suits your property. Glass verandas will enhance the look of your house.

Verandas Have Many Advantages

You might be wondering why a veranda should be added to your home. The installation of a veranda has many benefits.

Additional Room/Space – this is an excellent addition to any home. It allows you to watch your kids as they grow up because it is ideal for a kid’s play area and allows you to spend time with them. You can even use it for dining with your family.

 You sometimes need a quiet place to work and reflect, and a veranda offers the perfect escape space! You can also use this extra space to store items, which will keep them safe from the rain, such as toys, bicycles, etc.

Entertainment – hosting social events can often be a challenge. The Veranda gives you all the space you need outdoors, even when it is cold outside. This Veranda can be used as shelter against the scorching sun. The veranda space is ideal for sheltering from those scorching days.

Aesthetics – did you know that verandas make homes look more spacious than those without them? A house with verandas looks complete and pleasant to look at. A veranda brings charm to a house and gives it a sense of completeness. Verandas are available in many styles, but the result is the same: they enhance the aesthetics of a house.

Property Value – an exterior addition to a property can make a big difference in the prices. A veranda could increase the value of a property as it improves the curb appeal of a home and doubles up as an additional space. Plus, you can add electrical awnings to them.

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