Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Five Signs Your Drain Is Clogged

Clogged drains are one of most common plumbing problems homeowners may encounter. There are many reasons why your drains may become blocked. However, cleaning them up often becomes difficult once they have clogged. We recommend that you hire a professional plumber to fix problem. How can you determine if your drain is clogged? Continue reading to learn the common clogged drain signs.

Over time, your drain can become clogged by various components, dirt, or other items. A clog can eventually form in your plumbing, preventing it from working as it should. If this happens, it can cause severe damage to your entire system. We recommend you pay attention to the signs of a drain blockage to avoid this.

Unidentified Water Pools In Backyard

Did you ever notice puddles around your yard, even though it hadn’t rained for a while? One of your drains could be blocked. Tree roots can also cause obstructions that can seriously damage your plumbing system. Keep an eye on your yard to ensure it is in good condition. You should notify your Portland plumber if you see any suspicious puddles.

Your Toilet Doesn’t Flush

This is an early sign that your drain is blocked. It could be a clog in your toilet’s pipes or a blockage further down the system. If the plunger or auger fails to clear the blockage, it is worth calling a plumber to clean it professionally. Paying attention to a blocked toilet is important as it can cause serious problems throughout the system.

You’ll Smell A Foul Stench Coming From Your Drains

Your drain might have a temporary smell if you flush something down the toilet or use the drain to wash it out. However, a drain that smells constant is trying to tell you something. If there are food particles in the pipes, bacteria can grow. Rodents can attempt to enter the pipes, but they are sometimes caught. If you notice anything unusual coming from your drain and it doesn’t go away, contact a trained professional as soon as possible.

Your Drains Giggle

You should be aware of unusual gurgling sounds coming from your drains. If your drain is gurgling, it could be a sign that air is trapped somewhere in your plumbing. A blocked vent stack or a problem with the main sewer line could cause gurgling sounds. It doesn’t matter what caused the noise; gurgling drains can’t be ignored.

A Sluggish Drainage

A clog can also be seen when water takes a long time to drain. This is most noticeable in the sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This is often caused by soap scum and other pollutants washed off in the shower. These blockages are usually easy to fix and won’t cause major damage. However, it is still a best idea to contact a plumber if you have any questions.

Clogged drains can be more annoying than dangerous and should be fixed immediately. Even though it may seem like a minor inconvenience, what could become a costly and significant problem later can be very expensive.

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