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Difference Between Asian Fit And Standard Fit Eyeglasses?

To complete any style or look, eyeglasses can be a vital accessory. They are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and coatings that can be appealing to anyone. You can find a variety of them online and in stores. But you may not know if it is the right size for you. You could buy standard-fit or Asian-fit glasses.

Optical stores often sell specialized glasses. Some outlets, however, sell only the standard models. Both styles have become a common term to highlight which design and style are most suitable for the user. Both eyeglasses may look similar to each other, but that’s not a problem.

If you’re curious, here are some differences.

Standard Fit Eyeglasses

Standard-fit eyeglasses, as the name implies, refer to the classic style that has remained unchanged throughout the years. They still have their straight temple arms and fixed nosepieces. These are also available in many shops.

People with prominent and high nose bridges will prefer a standard fit. Some people might feel like they are constantly pushing their glasses back up toward their nose bridges. This could be because they may not find the perfect glasses. It may be time to look at which pair to buy when you are looking for eyeglasses.

Asian Fit Eyeglasses

The Asian fit also has many colors and designs that will complement any face, just like the regular ones.

These glasses are great for people with low nose bridges. This is a common feature in people of Asian heritage. It’s no longer necessary to worry about glasses falling out or other discomfort issues.

Here’s why the Asian-fit glasses are different than the standard fit.

Nose Pads

Asian-fit sunglasses are wider and deeper than standard-fit eyeglasses. The nose pads are higher and can fit at the correct point on people with lower nose bridges. Some Asian-fit glasses can also adjust to being more shaped by the user.

S-shaped arms are found in the screws of Asian-fit sunglasses. With this structure, you can make adjustments more comfortably. These adjustability and designs allow glasses to remain in place without slipping.


Asian-style glasses come with specially-designed temples. These temples can be rounded to better match the shape of the user’s head. A rounder temple can provide a better fit for the user.

Its temple is also curved at the ends. This design offers comfort and style without sacrificing quality.

Curved In Frames

Contrary to the standard fitting, the curvature of these glasses’ frames is lower than with the regular fit. This design is great for people who have trouble with glasses that touch the temples or their cheeks.

Choosing A Pair Of Eyeglasses

Although you now know how to tell the difference between standard and Asian-fit eyeglasses, you might still be overwhelmed by the thought of purchasing new ones.

There are so many options available, that it is worth looking at all the types of lenses and coatings. An eye examination is available if you require assistance. You would see the greatest benefit if you can determine which procedure is right for you.

The Bottom Line

Eyeglasses can be used to enhance vision, intelligence, and beauty. They can improve your eyesight, make you more intelligent, or make life more beautiful. The standard fit and Asian fit sunglasses have evolved to offer more options.

These improvements were made to ensure everyone who wears glasses can enjoy a pleasant, positive experience. They can now choose from any style that suits their needs, no matter how high or low they are. With the help of innovative ideas, users have the option of choosing between a standard fit or an Asian fit type of eyeglasses.

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