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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Ideas for Your Home Making Use of Marble

Marble is a classic material that is one of the first things that comes to mind when considering home décor ideas. It is frequently utilised in some of the world’s most prominent landmarks, as well as in workplaces and houses to achieve a sophisticated appearance. One of the most essential advantages of marble is that it is both beautiful and long-lasting. It’s also highly adaptable, with several uses in every part of the home. It adds a stylish touch to every environment, from marble walls and floors to marble wall cladding, kitchen backsplashes, and accent wall panels.

It is critical to have the proper cut and grade of marble. The Quarry has the greatest Italian food.

Handpicked marble from 31 countries and 167 quarries throughout the globe. Each slab is carved and polished to the international standard of 20mm thickness by generations of Italian artisans. Based on your individual requirements, we create customised luxury marble solutions for your interiors.

There are several varieties of marble used in different spaces, and our experts at The Quarry Gallery can assist you in selecting the appropriate type depending on your requirements.

For your inspiration, here are some of the most luxury marble house design ideas.

  1. As a focal point in the bedroom:

Get that magnificent boutique hotel vibe in your bedroom with marble walls. Dalmata from our Flaunt Collection is a great way to keep things simple. Alternatively, if you want to make a statement while keeping the rest of your bedroom design simple, consider a stunning patterned marble wall with Azul Macaubas or Avocado Vert. A polished marble wall has a calming effect and turns your bedroom into a cosy and sophisticated place.

  1. As an accent in the living room:

An accent wall adds a focus point to your living area without requiring you to make any big adjustments to your décor. Choose marble that complements or matches your overall colour scheme to bring individuality and depth to the room. Various varieties of marble may provide you with luxurious finishes such as veins, grooves, flutes, and more to further enhance the attractiveness of your chosen marble walls.

  1. In the restroom:

Instead of imitation marble tiles, use a real stone such as exotic granite or quartzite to lend a premium appeal to your bathroom while also making it seem light and large. We propose our gorgeous Carrara, Laas Authentico, and Statuario whites from our Italian marble selection. You may also choose from 33 other exotic colours. When it comes to applications, you may choose a marble accent such as a marble sink, countertop, or bathtub.
In the kitchen:

Vertical applications, such as a marble backsplash, are a fantastic way to highlight the marble’s beautiful veins and swirls. If you have a kitchen island, a marble countertop will add refinement to the overall look of the kitchen. Regular care and maintenance will guarantee that your kitchen marble surfaces are well-protected and survive for a long time.

  1. Keep the following items in your prayer room:

Your prayer room is your particular spiritual refuge, and marble may be used to create a beautiful alcove for your prayer necessities. You may also construct a calming marble wall design to make the place seem tranquil and welcoming.

  1. Minimalist objets d’art:

Consider this if you want to experiment with marble as a home design material for the first time. Incorporate it into objets d’art such as a side table with a marble top, marble vases, and other marble home accessories to quickly add a luxurious touch to any environment.

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