Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Renovating the Exterior of a 1970s Home

There are lots of cringe-worthy designs on 1970s home exteriors, such as mismatched brown tones and crowded embellishments with too much going on, but not everything from the disco period should be discarded when remodelling a 1970s house exterior. In truth, certain components are still in great demand today and may be preserved with the correct update. Many of these outside aspects may shine in today’s market by just changing the colour or material, reflecting current taste and style.

Whether you’re remodelling a 1970s ranch house or adding modern flare to a multi-level home, these five design ideas can help you decide what to retain, what to throw, and what to radically replace. Examine it out!

  1. Replace the Light Fixtures
    Bulky, brown carriage house lanterns were popular in the 1970s, but vintage fixtures are unlikely to complement today’s architectural trends. Some lanterns are still fashionable today, but with more contemporary designs and graceful lines. Lighting fixtures with black frames and simple designs are seen to be more suited to today’s outside trends.

When it comes to upgrading the outside of a 1970s house, changing the lighting fixtures may be crucial — and it can benefit the property in more ways than one. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the house, upgrading light fixtures is an excellent method to improve energy efficiency and ensure that the electrical parts are still safe and up to code. Consider installing cutting-edge lighting fixtures with dusk-to-dawn activation and other energy-saving features.

  1. Reclaim Stone Elements for a More Natural Appearance
    Stone and brick were also popular exterior finishes in the 1970s. Many of these natural materials, however, were portrayed with brilliant colour palettes and out-of-date sheens. Painting natural stone columns orange or brown wasn’t uncommon in the 1970s, believe it or not!

These artificial stone hues are considered flashy by today’s standards, and natural grey tones are preferred. The good news is that they are really simple to repair! Reclaimed stone is regarded much more appealing than stone elements that have been painted over in glossy finishes, just as reclaimed wood has witnessed a surge in current design trends. If removing the surface treatment from the 1970s is too tough, limewash paint may be a terrific option for restoring antique stone columns to a more natural look — even if it is technically an extra layer on top.

  1. Trim the Brackets
    Looking for an easy way to spruce up a dreary 1970s exterior? For immediate appeal, add brackets and elaborate trim to the porch, overhangs, and awnings. Some exteriors may already have these components and only need to be refreshed.

The idea here is to choose either significantly contrasting colours with a neutral foundation, such as white, or a maximum of two tones from the same colour family. Brown on brown, for example, may work with a cabin-style design if the tones are comparable and harmonised. Avoid going crazy by selecting three or more hues from the same colour family – a big 1970s faux pas!

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