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What is a Senior Board and Care Home?

Because of the expanding population of aging persons and the range of choices needed, more senior housing alternatives are becoming available with time. All of those options need decisions.

Most seniors say they want to age at home, but this may not be feasible or safe. What appeared doable at first becomes increasingly challenging when care demands expand if family caregivers are unable to offer help.

This is where the board and care homes may help. Board and care homes are a distinct option for assisted living in Tarzana since they are smaller, more economical, and provide a home-like environment that many individuals prefer. Some assisted living complexes’ huge anonymous vibe is not for everyone. A board and care facility may be the solution.

What exactly is a Board and Care Home?

A board and care home is for seniors who are more competent, and independent and want a home-like environment. Keep in mind that various states use different words for board and care. Some are known as group homes, while others are known as residential care homes or adult foster care homes, but they all come under the umbrella of senior cohousing.

Aging folks may understand that they may need more care in the future, yet prefer board and care in the meantime. Owners of the board and care homes usually modify their homes or other residential properties to meet local and state licensing standards.

A board and care facility allows the owner to care for and be with a smaller, more intimate group of elders. Houses typically contain three to 10 occupants.

Other distinguishing features of the board and care facilities include the following:

• Three meals and snacks every day

• Some personal care, such as washing, grooming, and clothing

• Medication management if supervised licensed staff

• 24-hour supervision

• A more homelike environment with shared meals yet a separate bedroom

• Many board and care homes are located in residential areas.

Transportation to additional medical appointments may be given.

The distinction between assisted living and board and care

A board and care home has many traits and features as an assisted living facility, but they are not the same. The primary distinctions between assisted living and board and care are based on size and services. Let’s dissect it.

Assisted living facilities

Assisted living complexes with hundreds of rooms may be big and institutional. Some are high-rise communities that include memory care and independent living. Floors may be labeled as independent, assisted, or memory care.

It’s important to remember that assisted living is all about providing services that meet seniors’ changing medical requirements over time. Although governments license and regulate assisted living institutions, they continue to push the bounds of care. It is fairly uncommon to see elders using walkers or motorized chairs at assisted living facilities.

Although 24-hour nursing is uncommon in assisted living, a nurse may be accessible during standard business hours. The majority of residents’ personal care requirements can be met by care personnel. This involves washing, grooming, clothing, medicine administration, ambulation, and food accompaniment.

All of these extra services in assisted living are not free. A base price is a monthly rental charge that includes services like meals, activities, housekeeping, and transportation. You will be charged more if you need assistance in assisted living. Some facilities provide different levels of care based on how many hours of assistance you need each month. Each level will increase your monthly base rate.

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