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The Parts That Make Up An Evaporative Cooler

Each of the parts of a swamp cooling system has a life span. The mechanical parts of your swamp cooler will eventually fail. If this happens, ensure your home is protected by a home warranty. You pay a small service fee to have something repaired or replaced if it fails due to normal wear and tears.

The following parts are required to make an evaporative cooling unit:

  • Water Supply Valve

This valve is located inside your home, usually where your water heater connects to the rest. Copper tubes connect this valve to your swamp cooler. It draws water into the swamp cooler. This valve is essential for the swamp cooler to function.

  • Float

The bottom of the swamp cooler houses the evaporative cooler flotilla. The swamp cooler’s bottom water level is at a certain point when the float rises to the surface and closes the water supply valve. This float may stop working and cause the swamp cooler to overflow.

  • Pump

It is located at the bottom. It pumps the water through water distribution lines and keeps the evaporative pads hydrated.

  • Evaporative Pads

The inside of the swamp coolers is lined by evaporative cool pads. To make the swamp cooler work properly, it must be moistened. You must clean the air and keep it cool.

  • Blower And Blower Motor

The blower motor is what turns the blower. This brings cool air to the ductwork and forces it out of the home. Cooling the air, the blower also cools the air.

How Does A Swamp Cooler Work?

Four main steps are required to cool down your home’s air with a swamp cooler. These are:

  • Water Supply Valve Allows Water To Enter Bottom Of Swamp Cooler

You turn the swamp cooler’s dial to the “on” position. The water supply valve draws water down into the swamp cooler. The water continues to flow into your swamp cooler until the float (which is on top of it) reaches a specific level. This is when the water supply valve will turn off.

  • The Pump Cools The Evaporative Cooler Pads By Bringing Water In

The pump starts to pull water from the bottom of the evaporative cooler once there is enough water. These water distribution lines are located on the top of the Evaporative Pads and water is poured through them. If homeowners feel that the air isn’t cool enough they can switch the swamp cooler’s switch on “pump” and pump more water into their evaporative pads.

  • Warm Air Is Pulled Through Evaporative Cooler Pads

Once the evaporative pad has water, the blower motor pulls warm air through the pads into the swamp cooler. As warm air flows through the pads, the moisture cools and cleans the air. This is known as evaporative cooling. This is what happens when you sweat while exercising and then have a fan blow over you cooling your skin.

  • Blower Forces Cool Through Vent And Cooling Home

After the air is pulled through evaporative pads, and then cooled, the blower cools the air and forces it through ductwork and vent to the house.

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